Ema Uršič



When approaching a problem systematically humans tend to create a simplified or adapted version of a natural phenomenon around us. In different approaches when creating textiles as a midway product that will be generated into clothes, we most widely create rectangular forms. Given this fact I thought of creating garments using rectangular shapes. In the work Batholic Etching artist Eben Goff, is using simple transparent shapes, overlapping them, and creating new shapes with variations in the opacities, that are created within the construction. Flat formation is creating a sort of map to construct a garment. 

With a 2D projection using flat pattern pieces I have fused a map to construct a garment using rectangular forms. Using folding, layering and angles to create curved lines and tridimensional space for the human body. Looking at this method as a rectangle creating bigger than usual seam allowance that contributes to the shape as well as change in opacity giving illusion of surface change of the material.