Ema Uršič

crazy legs,


a(r)thleisure a type of hybrid clothing, is a fabricated style of clothing typically worn during athletic activities and in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.

​Project crazy legs is an integration of clothing of late 70s and 80s New York hip hop movement captured by Martha Cooper in her book Hip Hop Files and Wes Anderson’s Royal Tenenbaums, a movie about young geniuses and adult mediocrity.

In the project I researched the identities of b-boys, breakdancers and rappers that started their own signature style with tracksuits, that somehow became their uniforms and fused it with a Wes Anderson’s movie that uses tracksuit as a part of powerful costumography.

​I was particularly intrigued by the different use of lines in clothing design. From an iconic statement on adidas tracksuit to a pattern on a fabric. I hand drawn lines pattern made in 1:1, that I scanned and then printed onto textile. Using unconventional active lines I made cuts into a tailored and formal man’s suit and made it more casual and relaxed. With ropes and elastics as a form of lines I manipulated fabric texture and created shapes of clothes.